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Furthermore, Moreover, Besides

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Furthermore, Moreover, Besides
Message de laurent-91 posté le 06-09-2011 à 23:48:20 (S | E | F)
Hello everybody,

I have some questions about these words : Furthermore, Moreover and Besides.
I don't know how use them. What is the (small) difference between those words? Furthermore and Moreover are nearly synonym and mean both = De plus, en outre, d'ailleurs. But which one must I use in these situation ? or perhaps Besides:

1- I didn't want to go there, and ] F or M or B[, I could not go there because my car is broken.
2- These findings seem plausible. ] F or M or B[, several researchers have confirmed them.
3- Running alone across the forest is annoying, and ] F or M or B[ it's dangerous!
4- I'm not interested in what you are selling, and ] F or M or B[, I asked to your company not to contact me again.
5- I'm not ready to get married yet. ] F or M or B[, I enjoy living alone.

Thanks in advance for your explanations


Réponse: Furthermore, Moreover, Besides de sherry48, postée le 07-09-2011 à 03:06:30 (S | E)
Hello laurent-91.

Besides is used most often in conversation. This is especially the case if the second phrase seems to offer contrasting information rather than just more details on the same subject. As I look at your sentences, I would say besides for all of them!
Only in sentences 2 and 4 would I consider using furthermore.
I doubt if I've ever used moreover in speaking! However, I'm sure others speak more formally than I. I mainly used these two words in writing essays.

Modifié par lucile83 le 07-09-2011 07:02

Réponse: Furthermore, Moreover, Besides de laurent-91, postée le 08-09-2011 à 00:41:17 (S | E)
Hello, thank you for you reply.

So, OK about "besides", but why did you say "furthermore" for 2 and 4 sentences instead of "moreover" or "besides" like others?
Because, I see no difference between "moreover" and "furthermore", but I think that there is one =)

By the way, "besides" = "anyways"?
Thanks in advance ;-)

Réponse: Furthermore, Moreover, Besides de sherry48, postée le 08-09-2011 à 01:11:37 (S | E)
Hello laurent-91.

Anyways can be a synonym. Also 'in addition (to)' and in another sense, 'except for', are synonyms. I was telling you what seemed natural to me, not what is correct or incorrect. I wasn't sure at first why I would consider furthermore only for those 2 sentences, but I decided that it's because they are slightly more formal. I can imagine saying sentence 4 to an annoying telemarketer who calls at dinnertime. Sentence 2 also seems a bit more something you would say as a salesman promoting your product. You really can use any of these words, but Americans prefer 'besides' in informal speaking.

Réponse: Furthermore, Moreover, Besides de johaina70, postée le 08-09-2011 à 01:51:18 (S | E)
Hello Laurent-91

When the added information is stronger than the information preceding it,use moreover or furthermore.
Use besides if the information in both sentences involves reasons or explanations.
For this you can use besides in sentences 1,4 and 5; furthermore and moreover in sentences 2 and 3.

Modifié par lucile83 le 08-09-2011 07:39
Mise en forme

Réponse: Furthermore, Moreover, Besides de sherry48, postée le 08-09-2011 à 03:24:27 (S | E)
Hello again laurent-91.

You know Americans don't learn grammar! So I decided to do what I should have done in the first place, and look it up.
Basically, I found out that furthermore can be used anytime you are giving additional information, but moreover is usually used for the second point in an argument. The third site has all the linking words.
Lien Internet
Lien Internet

Lien Internet



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