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Oral/idèe de progrès

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Oral/idèe de progrès
Message de sse27 posté le 27-05-2013 à 19:31:21 (S | E | F)
donc je poste un nouveau message car j'aurais besoin de votre aide pour corriger cette notion et votre avis. Merci pour vos réponses.

Idea of Progress
To start Technology makes more and more progress every day but where are his limits? We will see that Technology is sometimes based on novels or films but some ideas can harm the world Balance.
We can see the effect of progress on the society. Firstly, thanks to new technology and the internet, people can now work from their own homes and no longer need to go to their workplace (telecommuniting). Other example, in the interview “which school do you prefer: a traditional or a virtual school?” it deals with a virtual school. For the woman is a good idea because permit staying at home and learning via internet. But the man objects saying that a traditional school is better because students mustn’t to learn alone, its preferable learning with others students if not, the risk It is social isolation. This interview shows that the progress can be good or bad.
In fact, progress has undesirable effects on people. As addiction, fewer and fewer people cannot do without their Smartphone, laptops, net books… which has an influence on their way of lie. Besides, in the interview “are social networking sites a threat to our private lives?” it raises the problem of social networks, such as face book. A woman speaks about face book and says that it’s a risk because people don’t understand how to protect themselves well enough. It’s dangerous for private life. She gives the example, of a lot of people who have lost their jobs because their boss has looked pictures and others things about them. But face book is a good way to improve social links and to contact friends.
Moreover, the progress has permitted to improve the life with new drugs and technologies. For example, Dr. Gregory Pincus created the birth control-pill in 1951 or fighting against rabies with Pasteur’s discovery. So, all this drugs and discoveries permit to improve the health and the life of persons. But this progress can be dangerous, for example in the text studied “building a perfect baby”, the parents can choose their baby’s traits, as a catalog. Choosing eyes, size or hair. To my mind it’s a bad idea because everyone will be perfect and look alike, to wit robot. So how distance yourself? Anyway, with the progress in the science it will be probably the future. The film Attica illustrates this topic and adds another problem because we can see a man normal and his brother genetically modified and there is clearly disparity. And is the rich going to be able to do it so we going to create a kind of subpopulation of the “genetically perfect”.
In conclusion, the Progress has a positive point and negative point. Too much progress can have harmful consequences although permit to improve life.

Modifié par lucile83 le 27-05-2013 21:38


Cours gratuits > Forum > Forum anglais: Questions sur l'anglais

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