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Oral/Idea of progress

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Oral/Idea of progress
Message de mzellemarine83 posté le 10-05-2015 à 12:24:22 (S | E | F)
je passe mon oral d'anglais la semaine prochaine et j'aurais voulu obtenir de l'aide pour m'aider à corriger mes fautes pour pouvoir l'apprendre au plus vite, s'il vous plaît.
Merci pour vos réponses.

Intro : I’m going to talk about the notion Idea of progress. The notion of progress has to do with scientific innovation, new technologie, renewable energie, geneties, healthier a like and more confortable. It implies quick changes the cult of novelty. And it’s possible dramatic consequences. However, sometimes progress causes more problems than it solves.
Consequently, one may wonder what are the positive and negatives aspects of progress ?
To answer at this question, first I will talk about the shopaholics and after I speak of an Alternative buying

Dév : To start, I’m going to talk about the shopaholism with the video of Black Friday madness. Is a sales after thanksgiving on November. Beginning of sales in United-States. You can see what this corresponds with a document « shopping wild ». Where in this pictures we can see a panel of super market where it’s written « WAL MART super center » we can see draw a star, and at the bottom we can see a flag of United-States. But the negatives aspects it’s incidents happened, people died by being stepped on and the reasons are Economic meltdown and for a good bargain, to own always more and hyper consumerist ethos with compulsive buying. As in the video, confession of a shopaholic we can see the scene is like crescendo, the characters are unrecognizable after 2 min. Because compulsive spending is stronger than therapy. That’s something you can’t resist. Betty explains this all along the scene, she said « That’s the best feeling in the world » and « you feel so alive confidente, happy » You are alive and if you’re not buying then you’re dead. So this makes dependent and the shopaholism is a very serious matter we can laugh but not forget that these people are in danger.
And after, I’m going to talk about the alternative buying. When the bartering is a new form of exchange between consumers, the trade of goods and services without exchanges of money. The collaborative consumption is a new form of buying based upon new principles such as borrowing, bartering who saves money when the connecting consumers to others who think the way they do and share the same values. And buying used instead of new. This new type of consumption has appeared because of 4 key drivers. Because people worry more and more about the environment; a new sense of belonging to a same community is emerging; the economic recession has influenced consumers; and collaborative consumption is easier because of the existence of a great number of social media. The positive aspects of this is save money and it connect to people but the negative aspects are also present. We have to wait for the others and all cannot be exchange.
An other alternative buying it’s live as one Freegan. And the advantages to be a Freegan are lifestyle they chose and so free from some social norms. They reduce waste and they appreciate life for what it really is, they are friendly people. But there are a limits to be Freegan because you’ll always dependent upon other people, there is a lack of cleanliness and they are therefore more likely to be sick when dumpster diving. It’s not possible to not waste without living « like that »

Conclusion :In conclusion,There are different aspects of progress so they are negative or positive. The progress is a thing important for our well-being, but there is always a threat that this research leads the man to its loss. Personally, I think that the progress is a good thing, but that we will regret maybe one day all this advance in the domains of the technology and the science. Indeed as says Martin Luther King: "All the progress is precarious, and the solution of a problem confronts us with another problem"

Modifié par lucile83 le 10-05-2015 14:11


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