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Bac/Idea of progress

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Bac/Idea of progress
Message de meri89 posté le 25-04-2016 à 17:58:41 (S | E | F)
Bonjour, et merci à ceux qui voudront bien m'aider.
Etant en Terminale, je passe mon oral d'anglais très prochainement et j'aurais besoin de quelques conseils et corrections vis à vis de la syntaxe, de l'orthographe, de la grammaire!
Merci encore à ceux qui m'aideront, j'ai essayé de faire quelque chose de bien.

I’m going to deal with the notion of progress . To begin with, I’d like to state a definition of progress. Progress is the idea that the world and the society can evolve positively in therms of sciences, technology, modernization, living condition, etc. However, the idea of progress is still debate between those who consider that it’s beneficial and those for whom it’s harmful. Now, I propose we look at a question : " To what extent can we consider education as a form of Progress? " We will illustrate this notion by the burning issue of droppout in the US.

In the US, Dropping out is a national scourge, masses of high-schools are concerned by this phenomenon. But first, let me give you a definition of dropout: is a phenonmenon which increases in the US where student leave school before completing a course of instruction or having their diplomas.
In fact, high school with the highest rates of dropouts are called "dropouts factories". Indeed they produce 7000 dropouts a day. Unfortunately, for these students, getting a job will be hardly possible without sitting their diploma because no matter what they want to do, they need a good education. This underlines how crucial the issue of eductaion is for a country. It's astonishing that only 70% of students are graduating. This figure is more striking nowadays than before even if it is not a recent phenomenon. Moreover in the past, figures were misleading.

It is obvious that life is complicated for students who are dropping out. The majority of them abandon school because they are behind and they don't master the basics skills or some of them have to find a job to pay bills. In class, we studied a video which presents testimonies of students who dropping out. One of them leave school because he didn't been helped at school and had accumulated too much delay while he wanted to be graduating. Another student dropped out because of another reason. She was pregnant, and her family was poor. So she had to find a job and help her family provide for money to the new baby. She was responsible of her baby, and her baby should not worsen the financial situation of the family. So she was obliged to leaved school before having her diploma. Moreover, most dropouts live in poor neighbourhoods, in fact their family are in dire straits and they have to face their ordeals by themselves.

This national issue taking the magnitude, the goverment and associations have tried to reduce dropouts. Some programs exist and their aim is to help these kids because they are not used to beeing help. They have to catch them quicly to remove the barriers between them and school. Otherwise they get into a routine, and it is harder to get them back into schools.Indeed, when you dropout, you backe yourself into a corner and you have to fight to get out of it for the rest of your life. The student who dropout are also a problem for the society. Because of them the figure of unemployment increases. We can say that dropouts cost money to the US because students who dropouts need to helped financially. That's why president Obama moved to schools, he talked to students by showing them the importance of a diploma to success.

To conclude, the topical issue of dropout in the US is improved with the help of association and their programs, like the door-to-door program, but also with the support of Barack Obama who have to fight thi scourge. Thats shows that progress are made for improve the striking figure of dropouts.

Voilà d'ailleurs pensez vous que ma notion est trop longue?

Modifié par lucile83 le 25-04-2016 18:29


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