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Oral/Idée de progrès

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Oral/Idée de progrès
Message de manon52 posté le 03-06-2017 à 12:25:16 (S | E | F)
j'ai besoin d'aide s'il vous plait pour qu'on me corrige.
Merci énormément infiniment de prendre de votre temps pour m'aider, merci encore.

Idea of progress :
I am going to talk about the notion « IDEA OF PROGRESS » which can be defined as an improvement (=amelioration), a technical, scientific or social advance which contributes to making (= à rendre ) the world better. Progress implies changes, and some evolution. That is to believe that the world can become better.
Every century is affected by progress like the invention of the wheel ( roue ) or electricity. In the 21th century, the progress is always present.
So We can ask , Is India a modern country?
First, we are going to see that in India there are a lot of Inequalities between citizens. Then from that (= de celle ) between men and women and finally of the evolution of society.

I / There is a cast system in India which was born in 3000 years ago. There are 4 social classes, the highest is Braham and the cutcaste is Dalits. Dalits are the untouchables, they are still persecuted even if it’s forbidden. They are not allowed to change cast and they should be married with a person in some cast. They are obliged to use specific eating places, water sources , school, temples. There are 170 millions dalits in India and 40 percents survive on less 2 dollars a day. For example Bisu das a 24 years old is not in the category of the poorest Indian and he win 40 dollars a month, he combs Indian through mountain of rotting garbage searching for anything he can sell.
There is an other tradition the dowry . It’s a tradition where the bride family gives a presents to compensate groom’s education. It can be animal or money. If the bride’s family doesn’t can pay bride may be killed or tortured. Moreover there are a gendercide, this is a genocide of gender.
A lot of girl’s go missing every years and are killed at birth . Because Boy are more attractive than girl because they are more attractive financially because of the dowry and they can help the family on the fieds.

II/ Yet, india is becoming a modern and westernized country . in the past, lots of people left India to achieve their dreams and to have a better life . Today , there are lots of economic and social changes . there are factories , ultra cheap cans are being built, . The children of the lower cast have now access to education, many women now work, there are not housewives anymore, young people develop their individuality, they can have a private life, couples can now divorce. A lot of people have their eating habits and eat what they like. But it’s changing very slowly for the poorest who still have hand lives.
So We can see a dual vision of India. On the one hand , the city’s skyscrapers and modern building on Bollywood . and on the other hand , peoples poor somewhere in rival India with women dressed in a saris indicate that many traditions remain (= reste surtout) especially in rural India where life continues without much change.
Ccl : To conclude, The word is non-stop ( sans cesse) evolving but In india there are always a lot of people live on a poor villages with hard living conditions, no have water running , no electricity , no education for girls. is That normal ?
we can say that India is a land of contrast, a traditional land but also (= aussi ) a modern country. That is a country which is changing rapidly.
progress can be good in some cases (= dans certain cas ) like In India because the country has become a country that change and be improving (= s’améliore ) and bad in others because poor people can’t buy modern technologies

Modifié par lucile83 le 03-06-2017 14:28

Réponse : Oral/Idée de progrès de laure95, postée le 06-06-2017 à 11:32:35 (S | E)
- finally of (pas de of) the evolution of society.

I / There is a cast system in India which was born in (pas de in) 3000 years ago.
- in some cast: ?
- school: mettre au pluriel.
- 40 percents (pas de s) survive on (with pas on)less (than) 2 dollars a day.
- Bisu das a 24 years old: mal dit.
- the poorest Indian (pluriel)and he win (faute de conjugaison) 40 dollars a month,
- he combs Indian (pluriel)through mountain (pluriel)
- It’s a tradition where: à enlever.
- a présents: a + singulier.
- to compensate (article)groom’s education.
- It can be (article)animal
- If the bride’s family doesn’t can pay: mal construit.
- (article)bride may be killed or tortured.
- Moreover there are a gendercide: there is + singulier.
- A lot of girl’s (pas de ')go missing every years (every + singulier)
- Because Boy (pluriel) are more attractive than girl (pluriel)
- the fieds: ?

II/ Yet, india (majuscule)is becoming a modern and westernized country .
- peoples poor: ordre des mots + pas de 's à people.
- in a (pas de a)saris

- a lot of people live (mettre au gérondif) on a (pas de a)poor villages
- no have water running: having no running water.
- a country that change: faute de conjugaison.
- and be improving: conjuguer be.


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