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Correction d'un dialogue

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Correction d'un dialogue
Message de luty posté le 22-10-2009 à 22:44:39 (S | E | F)


J'aurais besoin de votre aide pour la correction de mon dialogue entre une fille et ses parents qu'elle doit convaincre pour qu'ils lui laisse inviter des Couchsurfers! donc j'aimerais votre aide pour corriger mes fautes d'anglais qui sont parfois horribles ^^
merci de l'aide que vous m'apporterez.

The scene takes place in the afternoon at the Smith’s house. Adam and Lesly are in the living room. Mary, their daughter has just arrived to the school and of her incredible determination, she decides to talk about her plan to her parents.

“Mum, dad has you heard speak of Couchsurfing? Mary said kindly tone.
“Yes, why?” the two parents answered intrigued. “Well…, I said to me that, that would be a good idea to make the experience! You think not? Radiantly.
“… What? It’s a joke, I hope!” Cuz there’s not question that unknowns come to sleep at home, on my leather couch, in my silk sheets, takes a shower in my marble bathroom... No no, it’s impossible my daughter is mad! Say to him Adam!!!” The furious mother added.
“Lesly darling calm down and listen to what she has to say us! We’ll see if it is possible.” the look of Mary lighted up while the mother frowned at her husband “Well, let’s go!”
“Okay, I think that I don’t need to explain concept seen that you know it. People don’t come to sleep at home” Mary glanced her mother “but to discover the country’s culture, the population...”
“Yes, but you don’t believe that they come to take advantage of the charity of people? Lesly said. Mary looked at her mother distraught "mom everybody does not think as you!”
“Mary, be careful!” Adam replied “Sorry… It is free but there are rules, people do not make what they want! You think that it is safe?” He added. “I think that yes because it is a known site and few people made bad meetings!”
“But waiting I am embarrassed that strangers come in the house even if it is for the good cause” the mother answered. “I understand you but think of Mary.” “Yes mom!” “Mary is a sociable responsible, curious girl these people could bring to her a lot, as to learn a new tongue!”
“Mom listens to me, daddy agreed finally I believe… and I think I can convince you with a last argument...” “Continue then.” “Recently a friend has received couchsurfers and that's fine. They were Spanish and to thank them for having them to accommodate they cooked them! These parents were very happy and since they are friends with them!” “Really?” the mother said. “yes, even that next year they go to Spain!” “Imagine that we leave for France…” the mother says in her thoughts “yes but for that it would be necessary to accept my proposition!”
“I think that it is okay for us two” the mother says full of enthusiasm.
“Whoua thank you very much!”
“But only if it is French!” the mother added. What? Mary answered surprised. “It is a joke!” lesly answered and everybody began laughing.

merci a bientot


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