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Oral/Lieux et formes pouvoir

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Oral/Lieux et formes pouvoir
Message de onceuponatime posté le 15-05-2015 à 22:37:45 (S | E | F)
J'ai besoin d'aide pour corriger ma notion svp s'il vous plait.
Merci pour vos réponses.

Sites and forms of power
I’m going to talk about the notion of sites and forms of power. First of all, I would like o give a definition of the notion: foremost, power is a force exerted by someone or something like a nation or the technologies. It is when people were influenced by something. “Sites “is a place who represents the power for example that can be a building or a town.”Forms” is the different type of power who can be exerced. In relation to the notion, the subject of my presentation will be the power of money.We may answer the question how the money exerced his power. My presentation will fall into three parts: First of all, I will concentrate on the people who can stop to by something : the shopaholic, then I will analyze the people who try o protest against the consummation with the Buy Nothing day before finally focusing on a other aspect of the money : the fair Trade.

A shopaholic is someone who loves shopping. He can’t resist buying something. We are seeing a picture who represents a dead shopaholic. This woman is wearing expensive clothes like ladies’tailler and pearl nicklassand and she has bought lots of stuck because there are many shopping bags who are scattered on the floor: she must be a wealthy woman. This picture can represent the danger of spend lots of many: it explains us overconsumption is a bad habit. Now, I am going to speak of a second document: an extract of the book The Secret Dreamworld of a Shopaholic a woman discover how she has cost with a VISA bill. She has spent very much money and she doesn’t want to open the letters. The shopaholic was often in the red, they love buy something. They spent all her money on different things. More, the advertisements are everywhere, every day and they make the shopaholic buy lore and more: they show us we must consommé.

But there are people who fighting against the consumption. For example, there are the buy nothing day: the last Saturday of the month of November many of people celebrate it by buying nothing. His goal is to protest against the waste of the food. This day was created in 1992 by Ted Dave. The people who celebrate the Buy Nothing Day protected by cutting credit card, they made free party; they turn off their TV, phones and light. But lots of people critique his day: some people say that it’s stupid of buy nothing for one day, we must may it for ever. Actually, the Buy Notion Day was celebrating in 65 nations.

An other aspect of the money is the Fair trade. When people buy product that’s labeled “Fair trade” they supported the small fairmer who needs a chance. But they don’t know what exactly Fait Trade mean. They can have a chance to need better access to the market. But the Fair trade was not accepted by everyone because they think of Faire Trade USA it’s to largest.

Modifié par lucile83 le 15-05-2015 22:59

Réponse: Oral/Lieux et formes pouvoir de laure95, postée le 18-05-2015 à 14:29:02 (S | E)
-or the technologies: à mettre au singulier
- It is when people were influenced: mettre BE au présent.
-“Sites “is a place who represents: WHO a pour antécédent une personne.
-the different type of power who can be exerced: même remarque + mettre TYPE au pluriel.
-how the money exerced his power: mettre au présent + pas le bon possessif.
- the people who can stop to by something: TO BY?
-on a other aspect of the money: pas de THE + A est suivi d'un mot commençant par une consonne.

-He can’t resist: or SHE.
- We are seeing a picture who: pas le bon temps + changer WHO.
- ladies’tailler:?
- nicklassa: ?
- shopping bags who are scattered
-of spend: OF + VERBE + -ING.
- lots of many: ?
- a woman discover: conjugaison.
- how she has cost with a VISA bill: COST = COUTER.
- The shopaholic was often: pourquoi le passé?
- in the red: pas de THE.
- they love buy something: love TO.
- They spent all her money on different things: présent.
- consommé: mot français.
-people who fighting: ce n'est pas un temps.
- there are the buy nothing day: THERE ARE + PLURIEL.
-many of people: pas de OF
- His goal: pas le bon possessif.
- protected : il manque ARE.
- they made free party: présent.
-his day: tu confons HIS et THIS.
-of buy : TO buy.
-the Buy Notion Day was celebrating in 65 nations: présent.

- they supported: présent.
-what exactly Fait Trade mean: connjugaison.
-it’s to largest: mal dit.


Cours gratuits > Forum > Forum anglais: Questions sur l'anglais

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